The Sunday Post (Newcastle)

Iron works to stay in private hands


“The Carron Company, of Falkirk, who employ about 6,000 men, are not to be nationalis­ed under the Iron and Steel Bill,” reported the paper in 1949.

“Mr George Strauss, Minister of Supply, has given notice to move the deletion of the names of several companies from the nationalis­ation list, and Carron Company is included. Carron is the oldest iron works in Scotland. The company was establishe­d in 1759. It was incorporat­ed by a Royal Charter 14 years later.”

The Carron Company was a major player in the industrial revolution, produced munitions throughout both World Wars and was one of five foundries casting Sir Giles Gilbert Scott’s famous red telephone boxes.

The company went into receiversh­ip in 1982 before being taken over and renamed Carron Phoenix.

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