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Midsomer Murders ITV, today, 8pm

Barnaby and Winter visit Tamworth Springs, home to the local Stitcher Society, a club for those recovering from a heart bypass.

Its aim is to help its members live life to the full having been given a second chance at life, but some of them believe that Toby, the latest person to join, doesn’t deserve such a thing. He was once controvers­ially acquitted of murder, and when tragedy strikes again, the residents believe he may be behind it. The Syndicate

BBC1, Tuesday, 9pm

The kennel colleagues finally track down Frank to his hotel in Monaco, but getting him to admit that he stole their ticket proves to be difficult.

While Keeley comes up with a plan, Roxy suggests using Frank’s biggest weakness against him – but it could also put the syndicate members in danger. Back in England, Colette and Theo struggle to keep the understaff­ed kennels running smoothly while the rest of the syndicate are away. Colette considers going on a date with Richard, but she fears that his wealthy business associates will never accept her.

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