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...tie in shoots of climbing roses, stretching them out horizontal­ly in order to promote better flower production.

I’ve grown tomatoes from seed for the first time. What do I do with them now that they have sprouted? – Clare Phillips, by email Wait until the first true leaves develop and then transplant the seedlings into individual small pots.

Should pumpkin seeds be sown flat or on their sides? – Tom Ritchie, by email

Roots and seedlings appear along the narrow edge so some gardeners sow the seeds on their sides, however planting them flat seems to work just as well.

My cosmos seedlings are very tall and thin. Should I discard them and start again? – Hayley Croft, East Kilbride

There’s no need to throw them away, simply plant them very deeply, until the leaves are almost resting on the compost, and they will be fine.

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