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Shooting Joe Exotic

In Louis we trust. But Netflix? Not so much

- Stevie on the TV

Louis Theroux must be a bit miffed. A decade ago he met the now infamous Joe Exotic and a host of similar reprobates who put together often cruel and always tacky roadside zoos.

His was a fine documentar­y but it was blown away last year by streaming behemoth Netflix.

They gave Joe – and the assorted characters in his life – the full Making A Murderer treatment in last year’s fortuitous­ly timed lockdown hit Tiger King.

Joe, now languishin­g in prison where he’s serving 22 years for hiring a hitman to kill an animal rights activist, invited Louis for a catch-up following Tiger King and he duly obliged.

It’s great catching up with old friends, isn’t it? Louis’s


documentar­y looked at the reaction to Tiger King, which was as bizarre as the story itself.

Support for Joe flooded in from around the world and even then-President Donald Trump weighed in and considered pardoning Joe.

He became a cause celebre while his rival, Carol Baskin, who merely seemed only guilty of being a bit odd, became a hate figure, and received murder and rape threats.

Was this a considerat­ion of those who made Tiger King?

The long cast of people these true crime series delight in pointing the finger at would be a fascinatin­g focus of a future documentar­y. Ideally by Louis rather than Netflix.

 ??  ?? ● Louis Theroux delves further into the bizarre world of Joe Exotic
● Louis Theroux delves further into the bizarre world of Joe Exotic
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