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Failed and failed again


- By Marion Scott CHIEF REPORTER

Police Scotland apologises to mother of murder victim after 18 failures in response Labour leader urges Justice Secretary to review inquiry as pressure piles on Crown


Police Scotland has apologised to the mother of a young woman murdered by her partner after admitting 18 failures in how the case was handled, we can reveal.

Louise Aitchison, 33, Was Nilled just oVer an hour after calling officers to her flat to force her partner Áarryl Paterson, a serial domestic abuser, to leave. After her death, officers failed to discoVer her bodY inside her home in Âast Ãilbride for two days despite Visiting the flat six times.

On TuesdaY, senior officers Visited her mother, Caroline BYons, and during an hour-long meeting apologised for the catastroph­ic series of failures that contribute­d to her daughter’s death and delaYed the discoVerY of her murder.

The officers, including Assistant Chief Constable of Police Scotland’s Major Crime and Public Protection unit, Judi Heaton, told her the chance to saVe Bouise’s life Was lost because Paterson, 36,

Was WronglY categorise­d as a “borderline” dangerous despite domestic abuse conViction­s in 2016 and 201T.

YesterdaY, Caroline said police apologised and told her 18 failures had been identified, adding: “The police saY theY Will giVe me a full Written report into What happened but theY told me that theY haVe alreadY made some changes. TheY haVe still to decide Whether anY officer Will face anY disciplina­rY action because theY are still Waiting for reports to be completed for some aspects of their inquiries.”

The mum of three, Who also liVes in Âast Ãilbride, said she Will neVer be able to come to terms With the WaY her daughter lost her life, or hoW her bodY laY undiscoVer­ed, but desperatel­Y hopes Bouise’s death might ensure other Women are better protected.

She said the police assured her changes haVe noW been made to the sYstem Which flags up calls from addresses Where domestic abusers liVe. Caroline said: “The officers said When Bouise called them, it Was flagged up as a borderline case.”

HoWeVer, eXperts belieVe Paterson’s preVious conViction­s for abusing Women should haVe been enough for him to haVe been remoVed and taNen into custodY to Neep Bouise safe, particular­lY as he had Voiced his intentions to return to the flat. He told officers that he intended to return to the flat for his belongings. In fact, he Went bacN to the flat Within an hour or so of Bouise calling the police for help at 10.45pm on April 28. He tried to strangle the dental nurse, Who Was just 4ft 11in, before slashing her throat.

Paterson, Who Was also facing further charges of terrorisin­g a preVious girlfriend, then embarNed on a tWo-daY drinN and drug binge during Which he repeatedlY tried to giVe himself up. He confessed to 999 call operators he had committed a “serious offence” after turning up at Âast Ãilbride police station and finding it shut.

Paterson’s trial Was told he Was

carrying a knife when police arrived, although that is disputed. He was taken to Hairmyres Hospital A&E for assessment before being freed and allowed to leave. Paterson gave himself up again the following day.

Louise’s family have said they will never come to terms with knowing she lay dead in her flat for two days while officers shouted through her letterbox six times and left calling cards.

Caroline said: “That has always been haunted me, Louise lying on her own for two days and us not knowing what had happened to her. It’s something I’ll never get over. When we finally got into her flat, there were no cards.”

Caroline added she questioned ACC Heaton about that. “The police told me they removed the cards for evidence, and I have to believe them,” she said. Paterson met Louise during the first coronaviru­s lockdown and charmed his way into her life, keeping secret the fact he already had conviction­s for abusing a former partner and that he was facing more charges. While living with Louise, he continued stalking and allegedly tried to strangle a previous girlfriend.

When she called police on the night she died, it is understood that Louise was not told about his past offending or that he was facing new charges. In January, Paterson was sentenced to a minimum of 18 years in jail for Louise’s murder.

Her mum believes the criminal justice system must do far more to impose harsher sentences on domestic abusers. Paterson was fined £300 in 2016 and £265 in 2017 for offences against partners. Scottish Women’s Aid fear abusers like Paterson slip through the net because the criminal justice system fails to report them to the multi-agency bodies appointed to monitor them.

South Lanarkshir­e Council say they were not made aware of Paterson’s previous conviction­s, therefore he would have fallen through the cracks of monitoring services. The local authority, which spends £1.8 million annually on gender-based violence services and had 2,400 referrals for support, said: “Our justice services have had no involvemen­t with Darryl Paterson prior to this conviction for murder.”

The catalogue of failures and lost opportunit­ies that should have stopped Louise’s killer in his tracks have already been reported to the Police Investigat­ions & Review Commission­er. The watchdog submitted its report to the Crown Office, which said: “It is still under considerat­ion by the Scottish Fatalities Investigat­ion unit.”

Caroline’s MP Lisa Cameron said Police Scotland must provide Louise’s family a full written report into all aspects of their handling of the case. She said: “The whole of Scotland was shocked by Louise’s murder. Police Scotland owe her family a full written apology and explanatio­n of what went wrong, as well as assurances that the failings and mistakes identified will never happen again, and exactly what steps they are taking to rectify them.

“I’m glad they have taken the first steps towards this by meeting Caroline, and I hope they follow through by including her in the actions for change which should ensure the most robust systems are in place to protect domestic abuse victims in future as this will offer Louise’s mum some comfort.

“Police Scotland have worked hard to bring in new policies and procedures to protect domestic abuse victims, and changes to the law on coercive control are all extremely welcome.

“Unfortunat­ely, tragedies like Louise’s murder show there is still much to do, particular­ly to ensure repeat offenders are dealt with far more harshly by the criminal justice system and that there are far more proactive monitoring processes in place to prevent abusers like Paterson falling through the cracks.

“Unfortunat­ely, abusers can be extremely plausible and charming, so we need to find ways of offering far more support and protection to vulnerable victims such as Louise and that means we need a system where all agencies work even more closely together.”

Police Scotland said: “We have met privately with Louise’s family to offer our condolence­s and support. The Police Investigat­ions and Review Commission­er conducted a Crown directed investigat­ion into the circumstan­ces surroundin­g Louise’s death and Police Scotland is fully assisting with inquiries.”

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 ??  ?? Darryl Paterson, left, killed Louise Aitchison at her flat in East Kilbride, centre. Assistant Chief Constable Judi Heaton, right, visited her mother last week to discuss the failures in police response
Darryl Paterson, left, killed Louise Aitchison at her flat in East Kilbride, centre. Assistant Chief Constable Judi Heaton, right, visited her mother last week to discuss the failures in police response
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 ??  ?? Louise Aitchison
Louise Aitchison
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