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‘The sentence ispathetic.He willrapeag­ain’


McCartney’s second victim, a primary school teacher who met him when he was out of jail on a “tag” for beating Carrie Davidson, warned he was so angry and in denial, she fears his next victim could be even more seriously harmed. She said: “He is an accomplish­ed manipulato­r who I believe will simply continue to rape and beat any woman he meets in future.

“My fear is that the sentence he received is so pathetic, he will take that as an encouragem­ent to keep behaving the way he does. It will do nothing to make him change. I predict he will go for even more vulnerable young women who will be easier targets. It scares me to think about it, but I believe he is so dangerous his next victim could end up with an even more serious risk to her life.”

McCartney met the teacher in 2019. She says he spun her a “lot of lies” throughout their relationsh­ip and she had no inkling of his violent past until she became his second victim. The woman, who has relocated and rebuilt her life, said: “Offenders like McCartney are extremely dangerous individual­s who will continue to hurt and abuse victims until they are stopped.

“They need to be jailed for a very long time until they are too old to be a danger. Age should never have been considered as a factor in sentencing a crime as serious as rape. McCartney has now been convicted of raping three women, and still there has been not a single shred of remorse or recognitio­n that what he has done is wrong.

“He will come out of jail within a short space of time full of anger that he has been locked away for something he doesn’t believe is wrong. The first thing he will do is look for his next victim, and I can’t bear to think what all that anger will make him do.”

McCartney’s third victim was subjected to a harrowing attack that left her fleeing her Alloa home in September 2021. She was found rocking back and forth on a street pavement. The court heard he laughed when she told him he was being too rough with her and had begged him to stop.

After he refused, she pulled on some pyjamas, grabbed her phone and ran from the house before calling the police. Officers found her sitting on the pavement near her home, crying and so distressed she was unable to speak.

McCartney was arrested still inside her home, officers finding him in her bed. As McCartney was 27 at the time of the third attack, he received five years.

The National Procurator Fiscal for High Court Sexual Offences, Katrina Parkes, said: “McCartney’s despicable behaviour over a number of years has caused untold trauma and pain to his victims.

“I would also urge any victims or witnesses of similar offending to come forward, report it and seek support.”

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