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Em@il JURY


I was very lucky my wife is a school teacher. We got homework a lot but most did not do much of it. It was easier to get the belt.

Hamilton McLean

I helped my children if I could, or suggested they ask the teacher to explain the subject more fully. I was at school in the early-50s. We had a TV that had to be looked at in the dark, so I had to either go in a cold room, or not do homework, this might be why I never passed any exams. Elizabeth O’Regan

When my children were young I would assist with there homework. Once they got older and in secondary school they never asked for any help thankfully. Now my younger grandchild­ren read their school books to me. I always had to do my homework before I got out to play.

John Morris

When I was at school homework was obligatory. If it wasn’t done the result was painful, as teachers could, and did, use the strap. We had homework in all subjects every night and weekend and it did pay off, as most of us went on to have successful careers. I don’t know how I’d fare now helping with homework as so many subjects have changed out of all recognitio­n. Liz Kelly

I helped my children with homework until they were about seven. Then it became too difficult. Homework was brutal when I was at school (1949-1959). I always did it or you got the strap.

Ronald James

When I was at secondary school, a long time ago now, we got a couple of hours homework each night. Woe betide anyone who didn’t hand it in duly done. Sometimes you got the strap!

Patricia Crocker

Never found homework a chore at school. I set aside time in evenings and weekends to do it. Paul Strathdee

I could help with English, history and geography .... but maths, except for arithmetic, was a no-no .... especially algebra, and don’t mention physics! The homework when I was at school was minimal compared to now, and it always got done, or else, from my Mum...

Joan Fordyce

My homework was always done straight after school, which left me more time for leisure activities.

Anne Fletcher

I helped no problem as I have a degree in electrical and electronic engineerin­g as well as a second degree in physics. I find modern schoolwork way below the level I studied at in secondary school. Edmund Stewart

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