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Get a slice of the pizza action at Civerinos.


The Edinburgh favourite comes west with this new branch on the doorstep of Kelvingrov­e Park. Perfect if you’ve worked up an appetite with an autumnal stroll or are heading out to the nearby bars.

First impression­s

It’s a Saturday night and fairly soon after first opening, so it’s jam-packed. There seems to be a real buzz around the place with a cool, skate-park style interior.


Unsurprisi­ngly, we have a short wait for a table but the staff are quick to turn things around. The meals are quick to arrive after ordering, despite how busy it is.


Modelled on New York pizza bars, the menu offers dishes by the slice or in 14 or 20 inches. There’s a great variety of toppings alongside the traditiona­l options. Standouts are Big

Poppa 2.0 (double mozzarella, red and green jalapenos, crispy onions and chimichurr­i sauce) and Buffalo stance (buffalo mozzarella, buttermilk fried chicken, cherry tomatoes, spring onions and chipotle mayo). Many of the options are vegetarian and vegan-friendly and there are plenty of extras and sides.


The brand is already popular in Edinburgh for a reason. The pizzas have great bases, tasty toppings, and are structural­ly sound which is important when shovelling into your mouth!


It feels vibrant and alive, and perfectly in keeping with this “cool” part of town.


Three pizzas, a couple of sides and drinks come to just over £75. It’s a little more expensive than similar places, but going by how satisfied you feel afterwards, then it’s worth it.

If you’re looking for a quick slice of pizza on the go, then you can just pop your head through the hatch for takeaway options.

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