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My Name Is Barbra


Barbra Streisand, Century, £35

It’s the hotly anticipate­d memoir of a movie and music colossus. Living legend Barbra Streisand, who is among the handful of EGOT winners (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony) finally tells the story of her life and career and the friendship­s she made during her six decades in the entertainm­ent industry, from Marlon Brando to Madeleine Albright. Candid and funny, and every one of its 992 pages is pure gold.

Natalie Marlowe, Baskervill­e, £8.99

Now out in paperback, Marlow’s literary noir seals her place as a writer’s writer, winning the acclaim of crime royalty – Scotland’s Val McDermid and Alan Parks. Atmospheri­cally set in 1930s Birmingham, it features an unconventi­onal lead in William Garrett, a private enquiry agent who sets honey traps for cheating wives. His world is up-ended when he falls in love with the wife of a dangerous fascist. 1 Friends, Lovers And

The Big Terrible Thing

2 The Woman In Me

3 Be Useful

4 Unruly

5 Alan Partridge: Big


The Secret

7 Ghost Stories: Stephen Fry’s Definitive Collection

8 How They Broke Britain

The Tw*t Files

The End and the Death: Volume III

Oti Mabuse, Walker Children’s Books, £7.99

We love this Dance With series from the former dance profession­al and judge of TV’s Strictly Come Dancing. This time “Mrs Oti’s” fictional dance class are preparing for a winter show. Join her little ones as they find their feet in slippery snow and stay warm with a penguin huddle... With gorgeous illustrati­ons from Samara Hardy, it’ll leave kiddies with Happy Feet.

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