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28 Dates Later


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Comedian and writer Grace Campbell is embarking on a journey of love, laughter and self-discovery in her newly launched podcast, 28 Dates Later.

Grace, the daughter of former political supremo and now podcast star in his own right Alastair Campbell, aims to break free from the mundane dating scene and her preconceiv­ed notions about love.

Fed up with the monotonous cycle of swiping through dating apps and visiting the same local bar for meet-ups, Grace is diving headfirst into the dating world with a fresh mission. Over the course of two months, she will go on 28 dates, but there’s a catch: each date will involve people who are the complete opposite of her usual type.

This promises to be a front-row seat to Grace’s dating escapades, with audio clips from the actual dates and post-date debriefs featuring her friends, Roz and Dan.

Expect no-holds-barred critiques as they dissect Grace’s behaviour and, of course, the colourful personalit­ies she encounters on her quest for love.

From wannabe Sugar Daddies giving investment advice to self-proclaimed wine connoisseu­rs and overly enthusiast­ic couples looking to involve Grace in their…er… dynamic, the podcast promises hysterical interactio­ns galore.

However, it’s not all about cringe-worthy moments and outrageous anecdotes.

Some encounters genuinely challenge Grace’s dating beliefs, like her date with a polyamorou­s man that opens her eyes to the world of ethical non-monogamy.

Grace’s goal isn’t just to find “the one”. She’s on a mission to learn more about herself, and become more openminded about different people.

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