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Em@il JURY


I’m sorry to see Caramac go. It was a favourite of mine and holds special memories. My grandad, Ed Grimes, a veteran of the Great War, who was awarded the Military Medal, used to give us grandkids a bar every Sunday.

Jim Malone

As a child in the 1950s and 60s I had few sweets. But on a Sunday afternoon, when my dad was often working, my mum would put one Mars bar in the refrigerat­or to chill it. Then she would slice it into 6 slices – 3 each – that we’d eat while we watched a black and white film. It was a special treat.

Judi Martin

Black Cow chocolate caramel sweets and Abba Zabba, a chewy peanut bar. After school, my schoolmate­s and I would run to the local store and fill up on these delights.

David Tulanian

I loved the sweet cigarettes. They had a lovely flavour. Sweets were rationed in wartime so they were a real treat. But I don’t think you could give children sweet cigarettes these days. You wouldn’t want to see them move on to the real thing.

Elizabeth O’regan

I remember dolly mixture which was less expensive than most sweets. The shop kept the sweets in big jars and sold them by the ounce. It was the forerunner of pick and mix.

Cameron McEwan

Nestle has announced it will no longer make Caramac and Animal bars. Which were your favourite sweets from your childhood days that you would like to see back on shop shelves?

There are so many I’d like to see back on shop shelves. Mint Cracknell, Tutti Frutti, Cabana Bars, Golden Cups, 5-43-2-1, Bar Six, I’d find them all in my Christmas selection boxes as a child. We rarely had chocolate at other times of the year so these were really memorable. Morag Maich

My grandfathe­r used to give me a bar of either Fry’s Chocolate Cream or Five Boys chocolate as a treat. I’d love to see them back in the shops.

Bob Mcgil

I will never forget the Cherry Whirl that was on the market for a short time. A bit like a Walnut Whirl, it was lovely with pink cream and a cherry at the bottom. Delicious!

Susan Ireland

I loved Zoot Bars, that delicious layer of Marmite between milk and plain chocolate. They were to die for!

Ian Larman

I loved Skippers Liquorice Pipes, Bassett’s Liquorice Sticks, and Tobermory Tatties, which had a white fondant core covered in cinnamon and a plastic lucky charm inside. They were understand­ably taken of the market because of choking concerns but they could be brought back without the toy.

Stuart Croy

A Sherbet Fountain with a liquorice straw was my favourite. My dad bought them for me when I came home from university.

Lorna Smith

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