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Why can’t O2 send me one last bill?

This may seem rather dra­matic but I am on “end of life” care. I have been try­ing to get O2 to for­ward me my last in­voice re­gard­ing my old num­ber. My new provider of­fers £200 when you switch and I need this to put to­wards my funeral costs.

Two months ago customer ser­vices said it would be emailed to me. Af­ter three weeks I con­tacted O2 again to be told it couldn’t email in­voices. I could re­ceive a copy sent to the “con­tracted” ad­dress.

My new provider stated that a re­minder let­ter that O2 had sent was not an in­voice. I need the fi­nal bill. I do not have ac­cess to my old ad­dress so was told if I went into an O2 store they could print it off. This again was fruit­less as my old phone num­ber is not “live” now on its sys­tem.

Three friends are help­ing me but they have also not been able to get any­where with O2. Can you?


You had been a very good customer in the past with high bills.

Of course I at­tended to this at once. O2 said it had sent some­thing not once but twice, but to the old ad­dress. It now con­tacted one of your friends who had been help­ing with this and whom you had given me per­mis­sion to deal with. It was then ar­ranged for the bill to be sent im­me­di­ately to an ad­dress of her choos­ing.

I am sorry to learn of your plight and all you must have gone through. It is a trib­ute to you that you have such staunch friends to help in your hour of need.

O2 said it had sent a bou­quet of flow­ers to apol­o­gise for the in­con­ve­nience caused. Three weeks later there was no sign of them. How­ever, fol­low­ing my prompt­ing they ar­rived and were much ap­pre­ci­ated.

BT en­gi­neer – or fraud­ster?

I re­ceived a tele­phone call from a man pur­port­ing to be from BT. He gave me his name, em­ployer ID and a ref­er­ence num­ber.

He said he wanted to see if my router was work­ing, but I told him it was not con­ve­nient and he ar­ranged to ring me back.

This he did and I spent over half an hour en­ter­ing var­i­ous char­ac­ters on my com­puter as he di­rected.

He then told me there were nu­mer­ous faults and that he would send an en­gi­neer the next morn­ing. The en­gi­neer would in­stall a new router, carry out se­cu­rity checks and ar­range for com­pen­sa­tion of £256 via di­rect debit.

The call then ended abruptly. The next day you con­tacted BT say­ing the promised visit had not taken place.

You asked if you should con­tinue to wait. BT took more de­tails and then said the caller was a scam­mer.

You are 81 and do not have in­ter­net bank­ing, which seems to be why you had a nar­row es­cape.

Part of the rea­son why you were ini­tially taken in was that your router had mal­func­tioned a few weeks ear­lier. When the scam­mer called, you thought it was a fol­low-up call from BT.

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