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Forget about your problems

Focus on your goals, not the obstacles in the way of achieving them, because your problems will blind you. Goals organise your intuition, resources and intellect.

Use your sleep state Write down a problem and tell yourself as you go to sleep that you are going to solve it. You may not get the answer the first or second night, but all of a sudden you will be doing things differentl­y.

Look for the ‘can do’ in anything In this moment, what can you do? No matter how small or insignific­ant it seems, just do it.

Find a community One of the great things that has happened online is that now there is a community for anything you have, want, hate or love – become part of one. Remember, your voice is unique, so use it.

Realise you are porous

We are all sponges, so be careful what puddles you stand next to. Find positive, proactive people. I start my day taking care of my friends, then switch to what will make me feel good.

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