Large Easter eggs

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You’ll need two 14cm plain egg moulds. For the treats, con­sider us­ing tiny fudge pieces, white cho­co­late drops, cho­co­late discs, chopped pis­ta­chios, or cho­co­late cof­fee beans. They should be evenly sized, around 75mm cubed, and brightly coloured.


700-900g dark, milk or white cho­co­late 100g mixed treats Ed­i­ble gold dust or paint, to dec­o­rate


Melt the cho­co­late in a heat­proof bowl set over a pan of sim­mer­ing wa­ter (if us­ing white cho­co­late, you may need more of it to make a thicker layer). Mix to­gether the treats in a bowl. Take two half-egg moulds and spoon 50g of the treats into each, ar­rang­ing them in an oval shape in the mid­dle of the mould. Spoon some melted cho­co­late on top and all around the treats, to trap them and stop them from mov­ing. You can be gen­er­ous with this. Place in the fridge for 20 min­utes. With the other two halves, pour in roughly 100ml melted cho­co­late to each and swirl all around to fully coat the mould, aim­ing for an even layer as much as pos­si­ble. Chill for 20-30 min­utes, adding a lit­tle more cho­co­late and swirling ev­ery five min­utes or so to keep the coat­ing even and pre­vent the cho­co­late from run­ning into the mid­dle. Once the treat shells are solid add more melted cho­co­late to the moulds – you should be able to swirl it around with out ev­ery­thing mov­ing. Re­turn to the fridge, again adding and swirling ev­ery five min­utes to keep the layer fairly even. Re­peat for all moulds un­til you have no cho­co­late left and a thick layer has formed in each one. Re­frig­er­ate for at least an hour, ide­ally overnight, to set com­pletely. To as­sem­ble gen­tly press the shells out of their moulds. Some treats may fall out but don’t worry, there should be enough in the eggs. Run a hot pal­ette knife along the edges of the shells and stick one back and front to­gether, us­ing your fin­gers to smooth any ex­cess cho­co­late formed when bonded. Care­fully set in the fridge unto ready to serve or pack­age up. Brush the cho­co­late with a lit­tle gold dust or paint if you like be­fore serv­ing or wrap up us­ing cel­lo­phane and some rib­bon.

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