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The work­outs I rec­om­mend don’t re­quire any equip­ment. You just use your body weight. The strength work (also called re­sis­tance train­ing) is per­formed slowly. It does in­volve tak­ing your mus­cles out of their com­fort zone, chal­leng­ing them and mak­ing them hurt a bit. That way, you are “over­load­ing” the mus­cle and it then adapts to be­come denser, stronger and firmer. You will not look like a body­builder, but you will be­come more toned. Those toned mus­cles will tap into your fat stores to keep your mus­cles in their new state. The car­dio work we do in the Blast work­outs is short and sharp, and is also known as high-in­ten­sity in­ter­val train­ing (HIIT). To some­one new to ex­er­cise, 20 sec­onds of moun­tain climbers is go­ing to feel very in­tense, whereas to some­one else it might feel like a warm-up. The HIIT work com­pounds what we’ve done in the strength sec­tions. In short, this is the bit that at first you will hate, then later you will find ever so slightly ad­dic­tive.

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