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This is a great move for the arms, shoul­ders and core. Sit on the floor with your arms be­hind you and your feet on the floor. Lift your hips a few inches off the floor, then lift one leg in the air straight and, at the same time, bring your op­po­site arm (your right arm if your left leg is off the floor) for­wards to touch it. Aim for your an­kle! Re­peat on the other side, keep­ing your hips off the floor. Get into the plank po­si­tion, on your fore­arms, with your body form­ing a straight line from feet to shoul­ders. The plan is to go from rest­ing on your fore­arms to us­ing your hands to push you up. From fore­arm po­si­tion, place your right hand where your right el­bow is and push up, do­ing the same with the left arm, just af­ter. Once up, re­turn to the floor in the same way, re­vers­ing the move so you end up on your fore­arms. Al­ter­nate with the other arm.

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