I need ad­vice on pop­padom etiquette

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Abig etiquette quandary to­day – how do you eat pop­padoms? For The Spec­ta­tor’s new food pod­cast, I re­called the time an ex made me cry in an In­dian restau­rant for my pop­padom tech­nique (that is not an in­nu­endo). I usu­ally take a pop­padom, break it up, then dip the pieces into the bowl of chut­ney. He shouted at me for dou­ble-dip­ping and said I should dol­lop chut­ney on my side-plate and scrape it up from that in­stead. But is my method so re­volt­ing? Prissy sorts make a huge fuss of dou­ble-dip­ping, but it’s hardly as if I was run­ning my tongue through the chut­ney. I’ve con­sulted De­brett’s, but that only has ad­vice on pears (you should eat them with a spoon) and air-kiss­ing (no saliva). Noth­ing on pop­padoms. Could learned read­ers ad­vise?

Pre­heat the oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7.

Slice the ba­nanas along the length so you have six long halves. Place them into a medium-sized roast­ing dish (mine is 30cm x 20cm). Cube the but­ter and scat­ter it over the ba­nanas, cover them with foil and then roast in the oven for 10 min­utes.

Mean­while, make the bat­ter. Put the flour into a mix­ing bowl and add the egg and 25ml of the milk.

Whisk to a thick, smooth paste, then slowly pour in the re­main­ing milk, whisk­ing con­stantly.

Once the ba­nanas have had their 10 min­utes there will be a lit­tle mois­ture in the dish from the ba­nanas, that’s nor­mal.

Pour the bat­ter over the ba­nanas, then quickly scat­ter over the blue­ber­ries – I do this while the dish is still in the oven to en­sure it stays hot, but don’t risk burn­ing your­self. Bake, un­cov­ered, for 25 to 35 min­utes or

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