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‘Joining a team brought a new social aspect to my life’

Vanessa Holburn, 51, is part of a football team in Twyford, Berkshire


Iwent to an all-girls secondary school in the 1980s, so I’d never been offered the chance to play football before I joined my team in October 2017. Our squad of 25 is mostly made up of mums in their 30s and 40s who, like me, have a daughter in the Wargrave Women and Girls Football Club.

We are in no way a serious team, and most of us had never played before. We don’t play in a league because the majority of us have families and other commitment­s, but we train once a week and occasional­ly have friendly matches against other local village teams.

Learning to play football at the age of 47 was so difficult – it’s quite hard to learn a new physical skill at that age, when you’ve had no experience whatsoever. I had to work on my eye-to-foot coordinati­on and the stamina you need to play a game. Running around constantly is demanding, but thankfully, instead of playing two 45-minute halves, we play four 20-minute sections, which is more doable.

I’m definitely one of the older ones on the team, but it’s confidence-building to have other people at the same level as you who aren’t judgementa­l – people to improve your skills with, who you see every week.

Being in a team sport is a real change from going to the gym, where you’re more or less working out alone. We have a lot of fun in training and we socialise together afterwards – meeting up for a curry, or going for a drink after a match.

I’ve made a lot of new friendship­s and strengthen­ed ones I already had. Working together to achieve something – and winning a match – feels tremendous.

I’ve been working at home by myself for years, as a journalist and author. I never feel lonely, as I am quite independen­t, but joining a football team has brought a new social aspect to my life. As you get older, you’re less likely to go out and meet people, as you already have a certain number of friends and only a certain amount of time to see them.

So meeting new people and being part of a team has been an amazing new experience – and one I would highly recommend.

There’s no age limit on who can enjoy football. As long as you can run, you can play; and if you can’t run, you can look for a team that does walking football.

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 ??  ?? i Vanessa (top; and above front centre) enjoys the social aspect
i Vanessa (top; and above front centre) enjoys the social aspect

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