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‘I’m pounding the pavements with Team GB’s Harry Aikines-Aryeetey calmly pushing me to go faster and further at every turn’

WithU – audio training with Olympians


Over the past two years, 2.36million people have downloaded Public Health England’s much-lauded Couch to 5K app. Requiring nothing more than a set of headphones, a smartphone and willpower, the app provides step-by-step coaching to help new runners complete their first 5K.

But for those who’ve completed that challenge and are looking for the next step, WithU might be the perfect solution. Like PHE’s app, it provides audio training programmes hosted by a variety of profession­al athletes, celebrity trainers and Olympians such as sprinter Tim Benjamin.

However, WithU goes beyond just running, offering guided HIIT classes, strength training, rowing, yoga, cycling and crosstrain­ing workouts led by elite personal trainers, life coaches, dancers and psychology experts.

Within moments of downloadin­g the app, I’m pounding the pavements with Team GB’s Harry AikinesAry­eetey calmly pushing me to go faster and further at every turn. After a few miles I’m starting to peter out

Going the extra mile: WithU will help you move beyond your first 5K but my coach keeps me going. Just a bit longer, just a bit harder, give it that last blast of energy. And what a relief,

when I get back home to take a few minutes to slow down with a bit of meditation with yoga instructor Danielle Willis.

WithU’s trainers (as far as I could tell, having only scratched the surface of the 1,000-plus exercises contained within the app) don’t just tell you what to do and how to do it, but why you should do it and what you should be getting out of it, which does serve to make it all feel a bit more worthwhile.

Certainly it was easier for me to convince myself to keep going after being told exactly what was happening in my muscles as I ran, and how many calories I was burning.

Admittedly it isn’t going to be for everyone.

Those who prefer to listen to music while exercising might feel put off by the in-ear trainers, but for the many who enjoyed doing their first 5K and want to try something that is just a bit richer and deeper, WithU is a good place to start.

WithU costs £14.99 per month or £59.99 for a year’s membership

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