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Which fun type are you?


When giving a gift, do you: a) Send a £20 M&S voucher b) Ask their other half/ parent what they want, before gifting something else entirely c) Buy them a crossbow

You’re headed to the school reunion. Do you: a)

Go with your circle of school friends for one drink, then make your excuses b) Arrive with something outré, like a buzzcut/minor celebrity c) Protest outside because Jimmy stole your tuck shop cash 30 years ago and has never been brought to justice

You hate a friend’s new partner. Do you: a)

Describe them as “interestin­g” to anyone who asks, while politely declining all invitation­s that involve having to be in their company b) Suggest to them that you undertake a quasidange­rous activity together c) Suggest you undertake a highly dangerous activity together – and if they don’t make it back, so be it

You’ve lost your job. Do you: a) Browse LinkedIn day and night until a new one arises b) Retrain as a circus performer c) Stop working altogether because careers are a social construct

Your in-laws are coming to stay. Do you: a)

Set up the spare room, and take them to dinner at the pub b) Invent an elaborate ruse for your absence, such as a surprise work trip to Mongolia – and be fully prepared to go through with it, should authentici­ty require c) Booby-trap the place, and hope they don’t return next time

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