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Look beyond Santorini Though there’s nothing wrong with walking a well-travelled path, you’ll reap the rewards exploring Greece beyond the well-known tourist hot spots – and your bank balance will likely thank you.

Discover the mainland

Many visitors are determined to experience Greek island life, but don’t overlook the mainland. Beyond the cities of Thessaloni­ki and Athens, the idyllic beaches of Halkidiki, Pelion and the Peloponnes­e are just a few mainland alternativ­es to a tranquil island break.

Eat dinner later

Don’t sweat it – swap your 7.30pm dinner time for 9pm or later. In summer, you’ll be glad to enjoy the vibrant flavours of Greek cuisine in the cooler evening temperatur­es.

Visit off season

Though Greece is a prime summer destinatio­n, visiting off-season is an opportunit­y to discover another side to the country (not to mention exploring archaeolog­ical sites in less sweltering temperatur­es). Why not take in the autumn colours of Zagorohori­a, or the spring flowers of Halkidki?

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