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Doctor Who? More like, Doctor Who Cares


I find the discourse surroundin­g Doctor Who tiresome. Have you heard about the new doctor, Ncuti Gatwa (right)? Who else is going to be in it? Did you know David Tennant’s coming back? What’s going to happen in the new series? I’ve always loathed the show, ever since I was a child and scared of the Daleks, and I reattempte­d it a few years ago when Matt Smith was the doctor, but I found the plot baffling all over again. It seems to be a largely unintellig­ible series about unpleasant-looking creatures (with due respect to David Tennant), and a doctor who spends a suspicious amount of time lurking in a phone box. Can he really be trusted? I simply don’t understand what all the fuss is about, but then I was always very bad at physics at school.

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