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‘Wagatha Christie’ isn’t a class war, it’s a circus


Much has been written about the Wagatha Christie trial detailing the scrap between Rebekah Vardy and Coleen Rooney (above), and much of it has been very funny. But one tweet made me sigh. “Is there something off-putting about a group of largely middle-class male journalist­s having quite this much fun laughing at working-class women?” one user asked. Oh, come off it. There’s much about this trial that is unedifying and embarrassi­ng; namely the cost of such legal action at a time when others are struggling to feed their children. But these two women are spoilt, pampered and entitled, married to multimilli­onaires, and haven’t “worked” for years (although being the wife to Wayne Rooney is a job of a sort). I really don’t think this unfortunat­e circus can be turned into a class war, no matter how much some may wish to.

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