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Andrew Baker The Sunday family quiz

Like a conversati­on around the table, the Family Quiz follows a thread and everyone can join in. Some questions suit younger quizzers, but really it’s a free-for-all. Don’t all shout at once!



The first Battle of St Albans, which took place on May 22, 1455, signalled the start of which long-running conflict? (a) The English Civil War

(b) The 100 Years’ War

(c) The Wars of the Roses


The largest rose garden in London is Queen Mary’s Garden, featuring about 12,000 roses in 85 single-variety beds. In which park is it?

(a) St James’s Park

(b) Regent’s Park

(c) Hyde Park


Park Lane is the second-most expensive property on the British Monopoly board after Mayfair. What is the third most expensive location? (a) Bond Street

(b) Regent Street

(c) Piccadilly


What was the speciality of the author James Bond, acknowledg­ed by Ian Fleming as the source of the name of his most famous character?

(a) Antique weaponry

(b) Caribbean ornitholog­y

(c) British sports cars 5

What kind of weapon was an arquebus, also known as a hackbut, widely used in Europe from the 15th century? (a) Battleaxe (b) Pike (c) Gun


What was the first name of Private Pike, played by Ian Lavender in

Dad’s Army?

(a) Jack (b) Peter (c) Frank


What is a young pike – the fish, not the soldier – called? (a) Jack (b) Peter (c) Frank


What is the name of Peter Pan’s fairy friend? (a) Clarabelle (b) Tinkerbell


(c) Annabel


In the rhyme – not the novel title – what comes after “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier…”? (a) Failure

(b) Whaler

(c) Sailor


What is the smallest member of the whale family?

(a) Dwarf Sperm Whale

(b) Pygmy Blue Whale

(c) Narwhal


In the children’s television programme

Blue’s Clues, who or what is Blue?

(a) Dog

(b) Cat

(c) Professor* 12

Professor Cuthbert Calculus appears in which popular stories?

(a) The Harry Potter novels

(b) The Adventures of Tintin

? (c) The His Dark Materials trilogy


What is the hardest known material on earth?

(a) Graphene

(b) Cubic boron nitride

(c) Diamond


Shine on You Crazy Diamond is a compositio­n by which celebrated rock band?

(a) Pink Floyd

(b) Led Zeppelin

(c) Spinal Tap


In technology, what do the initials LED stand for?

(a) Low Energy Display

(b) Light Emitting Diode

(c) Little Electric Dooberry

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