The de­scrip­tive power of im­pe­rial units

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SIR – As Si­mon Hef­fer writes (Re­view, April 2), leav­ing the EU gives us the op­por­tu­nity to re­store proper weights and mea­sures.

While sup­port­ers of met­ric mea­sures ar­gue that they are more log­i­cal, the mea­sures sound me­chan­i­cal and soul­less. In con­trast, the im­pe­rial sys­tem, once known, is easy to use and vi­su­alise.

A pint, for ex­am­ple, is a per­fect mea­sure. If some­one asked you if you wanted 568ml of beer, it wouldn’t sound right – but a pint would. One litre is too much, while 500ml is too lit­tle to hold.

Equally, while 100kg doesn’t sound heavy, 15st 10lb does. And when one says, “They have walked miles”, it sounds like a long way. Kilo­me­tres don’t give the same im­pres­sion. James A Pa­ton Bil­ler­icay, Es­sex SIR – Surely it is time to com­plete met­ri­ca­tion. Now there can be no com­plaint that we are be­ing co­erced, and we can end the fi­asco of hav­ing two par­al­lel sys­tems.

Only three other coun­tries do not use SI units. The sooner we get rid of our ar­cane sys­tem, the bet­ter. We would also re­ceive the grat­i­tude of younger peo­ple, who are not taught im­pe­rial mea­sures in school. Mike Cud­de­ford, Wighton, Nor­folk

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