Souls search­ing

Could you crack the world’s most dif­fi­cult exam?

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1. Is ig­no­rance bliss? 2. Are there too many books? 3. De­fend tweet­ing.

4. Does Google know us bet­ter than we do?

5. Are Old Mas­ters over­rated?

6. Would you rather be a vam­pire or a zom­bie?

7. Are there top­ics one should not joke about?

8. ‘Mu­sic came to a full stop with Brahms’ (Wittgen­stein). Dis­cuss.

9. What, if any, are the ad­van­tages of binge-watch­ing?

10. How should we close the gen­der pay gap?

11. Should sugar be taxed?

12. Is Clas­sics racist?

13. Did the En­light­en­ment hap­pen?

14. Is tourism a nec­es­sary evil?

15. Is it time to give up on the No­bel Peace Prize?

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