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Sir Pa­trick Ste­wart (pic­tured) an­nounced ear­lier this year that he would be re­turn­ing to the role of Jean-Luc Pi­card. In which tele­vi­sion se­ries did he orig­i­nally play this char­ac­ter?

What word can be both a term for fluff and a slang for the po­lice?

In nav­i­ga­tion, what is the name of the tech­nique where a po­si­tion is cal­cu­lated purely from the di­rec­tion and es­ti­mated dis­tance trav­elled from a known start­ing point?

Who is the lead singer of the bands Happy Mon­days and Black Grape?

Which mem­oir by Toby Young has a ti­tle which in­verts that of a best­selling book by Dale Carnegie?

De­spite the name, pan­to­pho­bia isn’t a fear of fes­tive fam­ily en­ter­tain­ment. What is a fear of?

In Greek mythol­ogy, An­dro­mache was the wife of which Tro­jan prince?

Which au­thor was the first Amer­i­can to win the Man Booker Prize, with The Sell­out in 2016?

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