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Rudderless We need more communicat­ion


Ste Allen at the Middlesbro­ugh Empire music venue says staff need to know if they have jobs:

“We haven’t been able to open whatsoever since last year. We’ve been gearing up to reopen with the 21st in mind and we’ve been hiring staff.

“We’ve ordered a lot of new stock to open on June 21.

“It does make it difficult, because we employ freelance musicians, theatre acts, circus performers, drag acts. It kind of puts them in a limbo position. It’s tough on them.

“It’s a bit deflating for everyone. We just want things to be clearer.

“When the June 21 deadline was set a lot of eyebrows were raised.

“I think if they pick another date on Monday it’s up to them to be more communicat­ive over the weeks to make sure the businesses affected by that are really informed.

“I don’t think it’s unreasonab­le for venues that have been shut for months.

“When venues are booking staff and telling people they can start on a certain date, it’s unfair. The lack of communicat­ion leaves us all a bit rudderless.”

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