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Frustratin­g We don’t want to upset family


Sarah Branigan, 33, from Berkhamste­d, Herts, is facing uncertaint­y about her wedding to James Goodchild, 35.

“We were set to get married on April 18 last year, but that was weeks into lockdown so it had to be postponed. We made the choice then to move it to July 10 this year. We were hoping everything would have been sorted by then.

“Initially, we were going to be 120 people with 150 in the evening. Now we’re back to 30.

“The most frustratin­g thing is, if they just said ‘this is what it’s going to be’, that’s fine – but it keeps changing.

“It’s incredibly frustratin­g that it gets leaked through the media before it’s decided. It’s all very stressful.

“We’ll get married on July 10 no matter what. It’s about working out a list without upsetting family and the politics that goes with it.

“We don’t want to be sitting in this room that holds 120 when there might only be 30 people.

“Thousands went to the cricket, and Wimbledon is increasing its capacity.

“I just fail to see the logic.”

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