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‘Mr Loophole’ calls for register of cyclists and e-scooter riders


CYCLISTS should join a registrati­on scheme and face points on their licence if they break the rules of the road, a leading motoring lawyer has suggested.

Nick Freeman, dubbed Mr Loophole after getting celebritie­s off driving offences, has launched a Parliament­ary petition calling for tighter legislatio­n to control bicycles and e-scooters.

He has recommende­d that all bike riders should have to wear a numbered tabard on the roads, the equivalent of a car registrati­on plate, so that if they commit offences they can be identified.

Mr Freeman suggests fining rule breakers and putting points on their driving licence.

He said there had been a rise in cyclists during lockdown adding: “This is not a war between drivers and others

‘This is not a war between motorists and others but one law for all and harmonious shared road space’

but to have one law for all – to improve safety for all and create harmonious shared road space.

“While there are many responsibl­e cyclists, there are too many with little respect for the rules. As a road traffic lawyer for 40 years something is lacking. Unlike motorists, there is no legal imperative for identifica­tion, so anonymity remains a gift for those who cycle with impunity.”

He said cyclists were 15 times more likely to be killed on British roads than motorists, with 4,000 suffering lifechangi­ng injuries each year. Cyclists would benefit from tightening legislatio­n for all road users because it would make their journeys safer. He also wants to see tighter controls on e-scooters.

Currently the only e-scooters allowed on roads are those rented as part of government trials.

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