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Voters will not forgive this feared delay to the restoratio­n of liberties


SIR – Should our timorous Government really delay restoring our civil liberties on June 21, it will lose my vote – and, I’m sure, the votes of millions of other right-thinking people.

These farcical restrictio­ns have gone on far too long. The scientists and modellers advising the Cabinet have been wrong time and time again. Peter Sullivan

Stamford, Lincolnshi­re

SIR – We may now spend this summer under harsher restrictio­ns than last year, all because the Government spent two weeks dithering about putting India on the “red” travel list – and, when it finally did, allowed thousands in without hotel quarantine.

I wonder if the Government will still be talking about a world-beating vaccine programme when most of Europe has lighter restrictio­ns.

Dr David Wisely

Ipswich, Suffolk

SIR – I’m thinking of having a big family party at Christmas.

Would it be better to postpone it until Easter?

Tony Delves Wellington, Somerset

SIR – My son’s wedding has been postponed three times due to Covid restrictio­ns. Following the announceme­nt of the roadmap, it was reschedule­d for the end of June, with 120 guests.

We are not alone: 220,000 weddings were postponed last year, which has not only been devastatin­g for the couples concerned but has also pushed businesses in this £14.7 billion sector to the brink of closure.

I make an impassione­d plea to the Government to lift restrictio­ns on weddings after June 21, as anticipate­d. Failure to do so would cost the industry £325 million per week of delay – according to the Wedding Taskforce – as well as breaking the hearts of the many couples who have rearranged their weddings for this summer and are now committed to those dates. In our case, the church and venue are Covid-secure, all guests will have been vaccinated (many twice) and they will take lateral flow tests beforehand.

Marriage is a human right and a lifetime milestone.

Virginia Summerlin

Bourne End, Buckingham­shire

SIR – Professor Susan Michie’s suggestion that we should continue to wear masks “forever” (report, June 11) indicates that Sage is a science group, rather than a science advisory group.

Its approach to reducing infections involves absolutely no attempt at an integrated overview which takes into account the many other aspects of society.

I happen to agree that wearing masks could be normalised (as it is in the Far East), but it is terrifying to think that Sage could have been advocating lockdowns with precious little thought for any of the wider consequenc­es. Roland Johnson Buckingham

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