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Who pays for green home heating schemes


SIR – David Mansfield (Letters, June 6) states, in respect of his heat pump installati­on: “The total cost will be reimbursed by the Government under its Renewable Heat Incentive scheme over a seven-year period.”

He needs to be reminded where the Government gets the money: yes, from us, the taxpayers.

Stephen Gledhill

Evesham, Worcesters­hire

SIR – My domestic energy contract is due for renewal.

The new price of a kilowatt-hour of electricit­y is 5.7 times as much as a kWh of gas, up from 4.9 times in last year’s contract. An “average” heat pump is said to use just one quarter of the kWh, but the price difference results in a higher bill.

If lashings of hot water are required, the heat pump must work much harder, and the cost increase becomes eye-watering. And what about the matter of resilience in a power cut? Utopian gloss cannot disguise a huge capital cost that generates a negative return.

James Anderson

Winchester, Hampshire

SIR – We moved into a new house with a heat pump installed in its larger-than-usual downstairs cloakroom.

Not only do I love the friendly hum that it makes, but as the heating installed is all underfloor I also can dry a whole load of washing in there on rainy days.

We help save the planet – plus over £1,000 a year in running costs from our previous house.

Jacqueline Davies

Faversham, Kent

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