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Being outdoors will be a pleasure again this week

- By Peter Stanford

THE impressive start to summer so far this month managed to lose its way a bit towards the end of last week. But fear not – in many parts of the country from today it will be back on track with temperatur­es creeping up towards 86F (30C).

For those in the South and East, being outdoors will once more be a pleasure, but further north and west prepare yourselves for more of a mixed bag. The sunshine is strong and warm in all places in June when it gets a look in, but there will be showers and the odd longer outbreak of rain.

Today will start with dry, sunny conditions warmed by winds coming up from the Azores, save in Northern Ireland and north-west Scotland. There, a weak weather front will bring some rain, leaving Stornoway on Lewis at a modest 59F (15C), with plenty of cloud, but on the other side of the Grampians, the east coast of Scotland will be up at 70F (21C). Down in Birmingham, expect 77F (25C), and London and the South East will see the mercury right up at 82F (28C).

The working week will have a fresher feel than of late, with winds from the West and North West. Sunday’s weather front will move southwards down the country tomorrow but southerly areas will continue to warm up. But as the days tick by, more unsettled weather will arrive, with rain in the North and West and the prospect of thundersto­rms in the South and East.

With the leaders of the G7 having a weekend next to the sea in Cornwall, climate change is high on their agenda. After falling back in the early stages of the pandemic, the world’s reopening in the first half of this year has seen a 7.4 per cent rise in CO2 emissions, giving extra urgency to their deliberati­ons.

 ??  ?? Punting on the Avon in front of Salisbury Cathedral as summer returns
Punting on the Avon in front of Salisbury Cathedral as summer returns

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