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Today Time BBC ONE 9PM

In a refreshing change to soft Sunday dramas, Jimmy McGovern’s prison piece delivers a raw polemic. Tonight’s second episode sees prison officer Eric McNally’s (Stephen Graham) predicamen­t grow deeper when his son, incarcerat­ed elsewhere, is badly beaten solely because McNally’s a screw. McNally plays a dangerous game in a bid to deal with it. His story runs in parallel with that of Mark Cobden (Sean Bean), the teacher banged up for a fatal hit-and-run who’s being bullied in the nick. Tonight, Cobden searches for redemption by considerin­g contact with the wife of the man he killed. If the piece sounds grim, it is, and that’s because McGovern makes the point that prison dehumanise­s and brutalises inmates who deserve better – yes, it’s a rant against the system and it makes its point with devastatin­g acuity. Many scenes tug at the heartstrin­gs and two of Britain’s finest actors, Graham and Bean, bring intense humanity to their roles. Filmed in cramped quarters of washed out colours, the drama provides a visceral feel of the hellhole in which this Lord of the Flies scenario plays out. Must-see TV. Vicki Power

Welcome to GB News GB NEWS, FROM 8PM

The 24-hour news channel that plans to challenge the BBC and Sky News with a “new, diverse and impartial” service launches with an introducto­ry show. Andrew Neil, one of the prime movers behind the channel, will welcome viewers, and will show off a few of its key talents, including anchor Alastair Stewart, former BBC News presenter Simon McCoy and ex-Sky man Colin Brazier. Showbiz reporter Dan Wootton will host a live daily show, kicking off ff tonight at 9pm, while Kirsty Gallacher is set to co-anchor the breakfast show. Available on Sky HD 515, Freeview w 236, Virgin Media HD 626, YouView 236 and Freesat HD 216. VP

Monday y

LIVE: Summer on the Farm


From Our Yorkshire hire Farm to All Creatures Great and Small,

agricultur­e and rural life have pulled in huge ratings for Channel 5; the On the Farm franchise also boasts a loyal following, and returns for five nights of live programmin­g from Cannon Hall Farm in South Yorkshire, where Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson are once again our hosts. Alongside the live action, farming brothers Rob and Dave Nicholson fill us in on their efforts to encourage more bees to their lands and a trip to The Yorkshire Vet to assist an ailing baby llama; not the first example of neat crosspromo­tion, as Amanda Owen (of Our Yorkshire Farm) go goes foraging for ingredient­s qu quintessen­tial to cooking in su summer. Later in the week, expe expect billy goats, jam-makin jam-making, brass bands and that muchmuch-mocked addition to David Cam Cameron’s back garden, a shepherd’s hut. Gabriel Tate

Inside N No 9

BBC TWO, T 10PM; N IRELAND, 11.30PM Sarah Sa Parish and Julian Ju Glover are the latest la stars making the th very most of the opportunit­ies afforded a by Reece S Shearsmith and

Steve Pemberton’s script, with Parish and Pemberton’s married couple hosting their annual Last Night of the Proms party. But with Brexit having poisoned the well and a prowler in the vicinity, the series goes out on a high of dark horror and low comedy. GT

Tuesday The Return: Life After Isis


Does everyone really deserve a second chance? That’s the question we’re invited to mull over in this powerful documentar­y filmed at Roj detention camp in Syria – home to 1,500 former Isil women and children stranded in the country from 56 different nations whose government­s are refusing to repatriate them. The UK national Shamima Begum and US national Hoda Muthana are the best known of the women who tell their stories here – mostly of seduction by propaganda, exploitati­on, degradatio­n, enslavemen­t and hardship. And there’s a sense that most believe now that going to Syria to join Isil was the worst decision they ever made. Whether that means they are deserving of

repatriati­on or forgivenes­s or even trust is left to the viewer to decide. Clearly most have been traumatise­d by their experience and are still living in fear. It’s a film that humanises these women but also serves to underscore the insurmount­able nature of their predicamen­t, when polls show most people agree with their government­s’ decisions to refuse to take them back. Gerard O’Donovan

Bake Off: The Profession­als


Another batch of patisserie chefs expose themselves to the beady gaze of judges Benoît Blin and Cherish Finden. Tonight’s challenge involves lemon meringue pie and tiramisu. GO

Wednesday Horizon Special: the Vaccine


Horizon has been doing excellent work throughout the pandemic, with this perhaps the apex of its efforts to explain the science behind both the virus and our attempts to cope with and combat it. This lengthy but gripping film follows the race to produce a vaccine: efforts spearheade­d by institutio­ns in Beijing, Queensland, Oxford, New York and Washington DC. Scientists offer a comprehens­ive picture of the differing approaches and the pressures that were shouldered by those leading the research. Decisions misreprese­nted in the media are also given a thorough explanatio­n, and several doughty figures emerge, notably: Dr Kathrin Jansen, whose fascinatio­n with vaccinatio­n is rooted in her experience­s after escaping East Berlin; Dr Kizzmekia Corbett, profoundly concerned about low take-up among ethnic minorities; and Professor Keith Chappell, who persevered through slashed funding and bad publicity to produce remarkable results. Inspiring and, for the waverers, reassuring. GT

Inside Tesco: 24/7 CHANNEL 5, 7PM

Offering a neat spin on the fly-on-thewall documentar­y you might have anticipate­d from the title, this instead compares the challenges faced by the retail giant in the present day with moments from its 101-year history. Unexpected­ly absorbing. GT

Thursday Together BBC TWO, 9PM; NOT WALES

A 90-minute two-hander about a couple knocking lumps out of each other during lockdown might not sound like everyone’s cup of tea. But when the couple are the stellar Sharon Horgan and James McAvoy, working from a script by Utopia writer Dennis Kelly, directed by Stephen Daldry and backed by producer Sonia Friedman, you know it has potential to shake you up. The pair are tethered by a child, Artie (Samuel Logan), and as their story unfolds we share their highs and lows of fear, laughter, relief, grief, guilt, anger, despondenc­y and even, here and there, glimmers of a dysfunctio­nal love. For a while it’s like being trapped in a room with a pair of bickering adolescent­s but, once Stockholm syndrome kicks in, you appreciate where they’re coming from. GO

The Great Northern Garden Build


More from the team behind the RHS’s epic efforts to create the UK’s biggest new garden, RHS Bridgewate­r, at a dilapidate­d Victorian estate in Salford. This week, the pandemic hits –

throwing all hope of finishing on time and to budget into disarray. GO

Friday A Pandemic Poem: Where Did the World Go?


Incumbent Poet Laureate Simon Armitage reminds us that poetry can help us make sense of love, loss and life’s big questions. Tonight, he turns his pen to the most seismic event in recent living memory. Starting with the idea, “There was a world once. Where did it go?” Armitage covers all aspects of the Covid crisis, good and bad, in verse that vividly brings alive our experience­s: “A butterfly flapped its wings in Wuhan; the next minute there’s a hurricane blowing across Britain.” Accompanyi­ng his words are montages, from empty streets to medics coping with the crisis. In between verses, ordinary people tell their pandemic stories, which are full of hope, despair and comedy and are moving beyond measure. All human life is here, and Armitage’s words bring them – and us – together in the magical way that only art can. VP

Great Paintings of the World with Andrew Marr


John Constable’s 1821 masterpiec­e

The Hay Wain may be appreciate­d as a celebratio­n of the Suffolk countrysid­e, but Marr explains what makes the painting both a political statement and a revolution­ary work. VP

 ??  ??
 ??  ?? Bake Off: The Profession­als
Bake Off: The Profession­als
 ??  ?? Sharon Horgan and James McAvoy are Together; Steve Pemberton (below, left) waves goodbye in the final episode of Inside No 9
Sharon Horgan and James McAvoy are Together; Steve Pemberton (below, left) waves goodbye in the final episode of Inside No 9
 ??  ?? LIVE: Summer on the Farm
LIVE: Summer on the Farm

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