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Angry tenors deny they are more likely to spread virus

- By Brendan McFadden

SINGERS have criticised guidance issued by the Welsh Government that suggests tenors are more likely to spread Covid than other choir members.

Updated informatio­n on the reopening of places of worship states there are significan­t risks associated with playing wind instrument­s and singing or chanting at a louder volume.

It claims this is due to the increased spread of droplets, or aerosols, which “rise alongside volume”.

This means the type of singer must be taken into account when risk assessing transmissi­on in churches, as “tenors are more likely to emit more virus than altos and sopranos”, it states.

Singers on social media criticised the guidance, arguing that tenors were being unfairly victimised and that the Government must have based their advice on false informatio­n being peddled online through a so-called “meme”.

The picture, posted by the spoof Twitter account Quire Memes, is captioned “tenors found to disperse aerosols the furthest, in this in-depth coronaviru­s study”.

Charles MacDougall, a profession­al tenor, said it was “prepostero­us” that the Welsh Government appeared to have based their advice on incorrect social media claims.

“It is a total lack of care in getting singing going again and the investment in understand­ing anything about it,” he said. “That guidance is based on spoof evidence.”

The UK Government guidelines state that amateur choirs can gather in groups of six indoors and 30 outdoors.

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