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‘Floored’ Unanswered questions


Amy Dickson was “floored” when the post mortem report into her father’s death in September last year said that alcohol withdrawal symptoms had contribute­d. Stephen Goodenough had been an alcoholic all her life, but the conclusion did not chime with anything she knew about her father. When questioned by the Oxfordshir­e coroner’s office, Dr Michael Heath admitted that he had only included alcohol withdrawal as it had been mentioned that Mr Goodenough had been treated for it, but that was in 2013. Mrs Dickson believes her 68-year-old father died of cirrhosis of the liver, not coronary heart disease as stated, but the family will never know for sure as he was cremated while waiting for the report, which took months. The report said that her 5ft 5in father was a “well built” man with a healthy liver, leading her to question whether it was even the right person and call the funeral home to check. She said that Dr Heath should have been banned from all post mortem work when he gave up working for the Home Office. “He was the last person to handle my dad, and to know that is horrible,” she said.

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