The Sunday Telegraph

Where’s Wally?


Wally the Walrus, a roaming Arctic animal who probably got stuck on a wayward ice floe, was first spotted at County Kerry in March, before swimming off to Wales, Cornwall and France. Lately he has been visiting the Scilly Isles. Known to mistake rubber dinghies for rest stops, his modus operandi is to lever himself up with his giant ivory teeth, puncturing and sinking the craft. Although an accidental tourist, his wanderings sound rather romantic in an era of travel traffic lights: Britons contemplat­ing an expensive staycation in a Dorset hotel can live vicariousl­y through Wally’s self-catering odyssey. He appears to be healthy and eating well; he does not have to deal with tests and declaratio­ns. Wally is living the dream, blissfully unaware of how many rules he is breaking.

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