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Junior (1994) ITV, 1.45PM ★★★

Ivan Reitman ( Twins, Kindergart­en Cop) directs Arnold Schwarzene­gger (again), Danny DeVito and Emma Thompson in this Golden Globewinni­ng comedy about a male scientist who undergoes an experiment to become pregnant with a new drug. The film is pretty much a one-joke concept, but it’s freshly pertinent now as notions of gender are changing so rapidly.

Pretty Woman (1990) CHANNEL 5, 9PM ★★★★

Initially intended as a dark drama about prostituti­on in Nineties LA, this romcom has been a huge success – now deemed something of a modern classic. Edward (Richard Gere), a millionair­e, takes a wrong turn and asks for directions from call girl Vivian (Julia Roberts). She steers him back to his hotel, he pays her $3,000 to be his escort for the week and, improbably, they fall in love.

My Beautiful Laundrette (1985) FILM4, 11.15PM ★★★★

The best film Daniel Day-Lewis made before he was famous, and the one, too, that put director Stephen Frears ( Philomena) on the map. Day-Lewis plays a gay fascist punk who falls for an Indian boy, and together they set up a launderett­e. The script is a socially minded piece about racism, homophobia and Thatcherit­e London, but the unlikely love story gives it rare heart too.

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