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Rowling: Politician­s ‘snuggle up’ to groups like Stonewall

- By Steve Bird

JK ROWLING has accused politician­s of “snuggling up” to controvers­ial transgende­r campaigner­s “to the detriment of very vulnerable children and women”.

The Harry Potter author also called for an investigat­ion into why pro-trans groups such as Stonewall and Mermaids were given “privileged places at the table” with their language and opinions embraced by political parties.

Her comments came just days after Dr Hilary Cass, a paediatric consultant, published a review which found gender care was currently an area of “remarkably weak evidence”.

The Cass Review warned how treatment with puberty blockers “may change the trajectory of psychosexu­al and gender identity developmen­t” but critically did not change a patient’s body dissatisfa­ction or gender dysphoria. The report called for “unhurried” care of those under-25s who think they may be transgende­r.

In a series of comments on social media, Rowling rounded on Stonewall, which campaigns for the LGBTQ community, and Mermaids, a transgende­r support group, for their parts in promoting the transgende­r narrative.

She wrote yesterday: “In 2018, Stonewall literally told schools to shred a research pack saying there were risks to puberty blockers. In 2022 Stonewall told the world that ‘research’ suggests two year olds can be trans. It advocated for nurseries – nurseries – to start teaching kids that there are more genders than boy and girl.

“Politician­s have snuggled up to Stonewall and Mermaids, given them privileged places at the table and adopted their talking points, to the detriment of very vulnerable children, young people and women.

“When are we going to see this fully investigat­ed? When will this end?”

A Stonewall spokesman said the Cass Review could play a “vital role” in helping to secure “quality healthcare” for trans and gender-diverse children. He added: “We urge NHS England and policymake­rs to read and digest the full report and consider Dr Cass’s plea “to remember the children and young people trying to live their lives and the families/ carers and clinicians doing their best to support them.”

 ?? ?? The Harry Potter author hit out at advice offered by controvers­ial transgende­r charities
The Harry Potter author hit out at advice offered by controvers­ial transgende­r charities

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