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You might be fa­mil­iar with cre­at­ing char­ac­ters and build­ing worlds on Minecraft and other video games, but how about play­ing games with­out a screen? Table­top role-play­ing games (RPGs) let you do ex­actly that. In RPGs the play­ers act out – or play the role of – their char­ac­ters, nav­i­gat­ing a fan­tasy world and tak­ing on chal­lenges as they go.

You can cre­ate an en­tire RPG from scratch, but to be­gin with, try a pre-made game. Look up Star Wars Age Of Re­bel­lion Begin­ner Game, Dun­geons & Drag­ons Starter Set or Pathfinder Begin­ner Box. These packs in­clude char­ac­ter sheets, a rule­book and a set of dice.

Start with a group of four or five play­ers. One of you will be the Game Mas­ter (or Dun­geon Mas­ter if you’re play­ing Dun­geons & Drag­ons). That per­son is the sto­ry­teller, nar­ra­tor and ref­eree. It’s their job to de­scribe the “world” you are play­ing in and to in­tro­duce quests and tri­als. The rest of you play the parts on the char­ac­ter sheets, us­ing your char­ac­ter’s skills and strengths to com­plete the tasks.

Some­times the dice are used to de­ter­mine what hap­pens – does a char­ac­ter have to pick a lock, or jump over a wall? The dice de­cide. Will this char­ac­ter win the bat­tle? Roll the dice to find out. RPGs get you think­ing on your feet, solv­ing prob­lems and be­ing cre­ative. They’re also re­ally fun and very so­cial. So gather a group of like-minded friends, set your­selves up around a ta­ble and get ready to tell a story to­gether.

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