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You’ve probably made fun videos before, perhaps with friends and family at home or on holiday. It’s easy to do using a smartphone or tablet – but have you thought about making a video at school about an issue you feel strongly about? Making a school video should be fun and teach you something. It could link to a topic you’re studying; it could be part of a class assembly, or perhaps highlight a campaign that’s running in your school.

It might seem a bit daunting at first, but there’s a scheme called LitFilmFes­t that helps young people to learn filmmaking skills. The scheme has lots of projects, such as Pupil Prime Minister, Pupil Parliament and Take A Stand Challengin­g Climate Change. You get tips about how to write a good script and how to make an interestin­g video.

Tim Miles works for LitFilmFes­t. “I have an incredibly special job because I help kids make videos,” he explains. “I love it because you can create a video about anything and film it in your own creative way.” Miles began making videos aged nine, filming and editing things such as family holidays, stories... even his dad sleeping. “I played around a lot with the camera,” he says. “People love watching videos and it’s a really easy way of learning quickly.”

Making videos isn’t difficult, and Miles recommends using the free Adobe Spark app. It has photos, icons and music to use with your videos. What’s his top tip? “Don’t waffle on. People can talk for too long on a video and make it boring to watch. Have a 10-second rule where you record something for 10 seconds, then change how you are filming. This keeps it interestin­g.”

Starting next month,

will partner with LitFilmFes­t and Parliament Education on the Pupil Parliament video project. Look out for each month’s winning video on our On Screen pages – it might inspire you...

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 ??  ?? All you need is a tablet and some imaginatio­n.
All you need is a tablet and some imaginatio­n.

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