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An amazing festival of ideas

Watch some super science and listen to brilliant brainiacs at New Scientist Live 2019.


From 10 to13 October, New Scientist Live brings the wonders of the universe to the ExCel in London. New Scientist is a weekly science magazine that hosts a festival in London every year. There are more than 150 exhibits, and 120 expert speakers are due to appear at this event full of mind-blowing ideas and groundbrea­king technology.

The first day of the festival is its school day, where classes can attend talks and events based on the school curriculum. This is an opportunit­y to bring what you’ve learnt in the classroom to life. However, across all four days of the festival there will be a number of different activities for the whole family to enjoy. Speaking of family, Dean Burnett from Cardiff University will be doing exactly that in a talk on 12 October, where he will tell you everything that’s wrong with your parents by explaining the difference­s between your brains.

As well as listening to talks, you can take part in experiment­s by visiting any of the festival’s five interactiv­e zones. Each of these is themed around a particular topic. There are zones for the cosmos,

Earth, engineerin­g, humans and technology.

To celebrate the 50th anniversar­y of the Moon landing, this year’s festival will take you to the lunar surface itself, with giant images of the near and far side of the Moon that you can walk across. There’s also the chance to examine a real piece of the Moon under a microscope and, with the help of experts from the National Space Centre, design, build and launch your very own rocket. After seeing your rocket fly, you can then enjoy watching a pilot from the company Gravity Industries test out an Iron Man-like jet suit along the banks of the River Thames.

To find out more about New Scientist Live and to book tickets, visit live.newscienti­

 ??  ?? Visitors can meet a robot... ...and get handson with science.
Visitors can meet a robot... ...and get handson with science.

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