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Jurassic kart racing

Gigantosau­rus: Dino Kart is a racing game with a prehistori­c difference.


Dinosaurs were good at quite a few things: stomping, eating, roaring and (in some cases) flying. They weren’t well known for their kart-racing skills, though. Until now.

Gigantosau­rus: Dino Kart is a game coming out this month for Switch, PlayStatio­n and Xbox consoles, as well as PCs. It’s based on the Gigantosau­rus TV series. Players race their karts around various tracks – and all the drivers are dinosaurs.

Like other kart-racing games, it has been inspired by Nintendo’s Mario Kart series. For example, there are power-ups to collect that give you speed boosts or help you to knock other karts off course, and obstacles to escape from, such as hot lava. Players race as a character and have a choice of eight dinosaurs from the TV show. The tracks have different themes, including a jungle, the savannah (grassy plain) and a lavaerupti­ng volcano called Mount Oblivion.

In total there are 15 tracks on which to test your skills. Like Mario Kart, four people can play at once on the same console using a split-screen mode (as long as you have enough controller­s to go round).

However, Mario Kart has only been available on Nintendo’s devices (and more recently on smartphone­s), so if you’re a PlayStatio­n, Xbox or PC gamer, Gigantosau­rus; Dino Kart looks like a fun way to play this kind of game with your friends and family, and it is suitable for all ages.

Other good multi-console kart racers to try include Team Sonic Racing, Nickelodeo­n Kart Racers 3 and – if you want to try a free game – Starlit Kart Racing.

 ?? ?? Pick a cute dino and race around Cretacia.
Pick a cute dino and race around Cretacia.
 ?? ?? You can choose your theme.
You can choose your theme.

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