a treat­ment in vein?

Jon Massey gets pumped full of vi­ta­mins while sit­ting at his Ca­nary Wharf desk thanks to an in­tra­venous boost from the mo­bile IV Doc

The Wharf - - Canary Wharf -

What’s that you’ve got in your arm?

I’ve an IV.

Is that sup­posed to sound clever?

No, it’s sup­posed to make me feel great.

How did it get in there?

In­tra­venous drip out­fit The IV Doc came and put it in me.

But you’re at your desk

Ap­par­ently this is a thing now, the firm of­fered a trial ses­sion so I thought I’d see whether it was ac­tu­ally pos­si­ble to work while vi­ta­mins and an­tiox­i­dants are flow­ing into me.

Is it?

Sort of. Un­for­tu­nately the nee­dle didn’t take so well to my up­per arm and had to go in my hand.

Leav­ing you one-handed?

Yes, al­though a lot can be ac­com­plished with a mouse and some pa­tience.

You can’t re­ally type though can you?

Not at speed.

So what ac­tu­ally hap­pened?

I said yes to the ap­point­ment, I got a call from a doc­tor who checked in some depth whether I could have the treat­ment and then former NHS nurse Judy Onyango turned up at my office at 11am sharp with a suit­case con­tain­ing the var­i­ous drips and

as­so­ci­ated para­pher­na­lia.

Then a sharp scratch?

Ac­tu­ally, Judy’s skill meant I hardly felt the nee­dle slip into my veins at ei­ther lo­ca­tion.

Right there at your desk?

Right there at my desk. There was even a spe­cial cover to pre­vent spots of blood stain­ing the sur­face.

Did peo­ple stare?

They stu­diously ig­nored it at first, be­fore cu­rios­ity took hold and the quips started.

Quips and drips?

I suf­fer lit­tle pricks with great sto­icism.

Took a long time to think of that one, didn’t it? Any­way, what’s all this in­tended to ac­com­plish?

The first bot­tle was en­ti­tled the Lon­don An­tiox­i­dant IV Hy­dra­tion Ther­apy, which ap­par­ently zips through my sys­tem col­lect­ing free rad­i­cals, al­low­ing me to pee them out later.

Don’t let go, you’ve got the mu­sic in you...

That’s the New Rad­i­cals. How old are you, ex­actly?

Never you mind. What about the rest?

Via a size­able bag of fluid, the Lon­don Vi­ta­min B Com­plex and Lon­don Vi­ta­min B12 pack­ages were ad­min­is­tered.

That seems like a lot, how much does it cost?

For all that good­ness? Only £599.


It is ex­pen­sive, al­though you do get Judy present for the whole time check­ing you’re okay, and some of the treat­ments are only de­signed to be ad­min­is­tered once a month. The vi­ta­min pack­ages were £75 each.

So, the six-mil­lion-dol­lar (£600) ques­tion – how did it feel?

Go­ing in? It made my arm pretty cold and it wasn’t ex­actly com­fort­able. It also took my pa­thetic cir­cu­la­tory sys­tem about an hour-and-a-half to take all the fluid in. Sig­nif­i­cantly longer than the 45 min­utes sug­gested.

No, silly. I don’t care about you. How did it make you feel af­ter?

Ini­tially, there was lit­tle change. Later in the day, I’d be ly­ing if I didn’t say a warm feel­ing of con­tent­ment did start to steal over me.


Yes. Al­though I wasn’t blown away by a feel­ing of well­be­ing the morn­ing af­ter, as sug­gested, I did feel good over the week­end.

Nurse Judy Onyango, of IV Doc, is present with the client for the whole time dur­ing the pro­ce­dure

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