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Do I have to have a smart me­ter?

No. And you don’t have to give a rea­son to refuse one.

Do I have to pay for this?

Not di­rectly as the cost is built into tar­iffs. Fu­ture sav­ings should make it worth­while.

How will I know how much I am us­ing?

You can have a free “re­peater” or “in-home dis­play” to carry from room to room.

What if I want one now?

Con­tact your en­ergy sup­plier. But en­sure that it is a second gen­er­a­tion de­vice oth­er­wise it could stop work­ing if you change com­pany.

Are smart me­ters safe?

They emit fewer ra­dio waves, which some con­sider dan­ger­ous, than mo­bile phones or mi­crowaves. And in­stall­ers are trained to check for dan­ger­ous home wiring or gas de­fects.

How will I save when I am al­ready care­ful?

It is hoped that com­pe­ti­tion will force sup­pli­ers to pass on sav­ings. Later on, cheaper off-peak power may be easier to ac­cess.

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