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The Realms

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A short story by Ja­cob, North­ern House School Pro­logue

I fear this may be my last mo­ment of life. So I shall re­count a tale, the tale of a friend, a story that has yet to reach it end. A life that gave hope to all the realms en­gulfed by the void, the story of Mark’s be­gin­ning but not his end, which has yet to be seen.

Chap­ter One: Be­gin­ning

I was walk­ing home from school one day when… wait I should prob­a­bly back up to the start my name is Mark.

I am twelve years old; I go to an unim­pres­sive school on the edge of town.

Eastleigh is a very bor­ing place, noth­ing fun or in­ter­est­ing ever hap­pens.

I’ve al­ways dreamed of be­ing part of some amaz­ing ad­ven­ture but when it fi­nally hap­pened I re­alised I wasn’t ready for it.

Any­way back to the story, I was walk­ing home from school when I saw a fox.

Not just any fox, a fox with silky blood red fur ev­ery­where but the tip of its tails yes I said tails, there were nine of them, where the fur was white, it was the size of a small car but none of my friends no­ticed it some even looked straight at it but didn’t see it.

“See you guys to­mor­row.” I said to my friends be­fore run­ning off, I fol­lowed the fox into the nearby for­est.

To be con­tin­ued…

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