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IWANT you in­spired. I want you mo­ti­vated. I want you in­ter­ested and then I want you COM­MIT­TED. Last Sun­day was Wok­ing­ham town’s Win­ter Car­ni­val and WOW, how good was it? I mean, to see so many peo­ple walk­ing about with friends and fam­ily was truly amaz­ing.

I love Christ­mas and for me the Win­ter Car­ni­val en­cap­su­lates ev­ery­thing that Christ­mas is about. I was on The Wok­ing­ham Pa­per stall from 11am to noon – as soon as the fes­tiv­i­ties be­gan – and I re­ally en­joyed speak­ing with so many of you.

I men­tioned the words “Are you go­ing to be In­ter­ested or COM­MIT­TED?” to so many of you and I re­ally hope you mas­ter the an­swer to that ques­tion in 2019, OK?

So… back to this week’s ar­ti­cle and this week as promised I want to talk about the val­ues of the AMAZ­ING Royal Marines Com­man­dos.

I spent six AMAZ­ING years in the best corps in the world with two tours of Afghanistan thrown in for good fun dur­ing that time.

I want to share some se­ri­ously AMAZ­ING val­ues that you could start in­cor­po­rat­ing in your life as I re­ally do be­lieve there is a Royal Marines Com­mando in all of us, we just need to FIND AND DE­VELOP it.

So, what are th­ese AMAZ­ING VAL­UES then and how can you use them?

Well, here they are:

The abil­ity to fight and win any­where in the world.

In­di­vid­ual Com­mando Spirit + Col­lec­tive Group Val­ues.








Pro­fes­sional Stan­dards


Com­mando hu­mour

All marines fight around the world at some point.

I spent around 14 months of my life in Afghanistan in my late twen­ties do­ing the busi­ness and do­ing what I was paid to do.

It’s in times of tough­ness and se­ri­ous trou­ble that you re­alise what you are ca­pa­ble of. In those tough times back in 2009, 2010 and 2011 I re­alised what I was ca­pa­ble of. How does this re­late to you then? You need be­havioural flex­i­bil­ity to win at life. The abil­ity to al­ter your be­hav­iour and state of mind de­pend­ing on your en­vi­ron­ment. You can get bet­ter at this by putting your­self out there and get­ting out of your com­fort zone.

So, I chal­lenge you, get out of your com­fort zone this week and do some­thing that scares you? You never know where it may lead you. In­di­vid­ual COM­MANDO spirit and col­lec­tive group val­ues is what sep­a­rates the best from the rest.

The abil­ity to con­quer goals on your own but also to work as part of a tight group.

What could you smash in­di­vid­u­ally this week? Who could you link up with to own goals to­gether?

My busi­ness is all about pri­vate one-to-one and group coach­ing work­ing on OP­TI­MIS­ING your Mind, your BODY and your LIFE.

I of­fer one-to-one coach­ing both face to face and on­line and my group coach­ing is done by way of the AL­PHA WAR­RIORS and also a pos­i­tive change group coach­ing and ac­count­abil­ity plat­form that will be launch­ing In Jan­uary 2019.

What can you own in­di­vid­u­ally right now? Maybe to­day? Who could you link up with that has a sim­i­lar value setup to your­self and re­ally boss it? They say great minds think alike and that two brains are bet­ter than one so what you wait­ing for?

For me, COURAGE is what be­ing a ROYAL MA­RINE was all about. You hear sto­ries from all walks of life that show se­ri­ous cases of courage be­ing shown.

When were you last coura­geous? When did you last do some­thing that re­quired real brav­ery? I Re­mem­ber some of the things that I have done in my time es­pe­cially dur­ing my time in the MARINES and it fills me with pride.

To­day, I want you to think of some­thing that takes some courage and then carry it out? It could be as sim­ple as ring­ing some­one you are wor­ried about call­ing?

Pos­si­bly it may be bring­ing up an im­por­tant con­ver­sa­tion with a loved one that you have been putting off?

Maybe, it could be chang­ing an im­por­tant part of your life such as your job, part­ner, hobby or even the coun­try you live in due to not hav­ing any pur­pose any­more?

What­ever it is, I just want you to be coura­geous and TAKE AC­TION.

The last value we will cover this week is UNITY.

UNITY can be de­fined as the state of be­ing united or joined as a whole. When I was in Afghanistan, we were a tight sec­tion, we were a tight troop and we re­ally were a tight com­pany of men. I still re­mem­ber the lad’s meetup af­ter Afghanistan where we all went out in Black­pool for the week­end.

I think we will leave that story there for now OK? Jokes aside, it feels great to be united and es­pe­cially great to be united within your­self. I

One ques­tion I like to ask my clients is… “Does your be­hav­iour match your iden­tity?” Well, does it? Are you cur­rently fol­low­ing a life­style aligned with your goals? Does your life feel aligned and UNITED? If not, then I sug­gest you do some­thing about it!

Next week we will cover even more val­ues bor­rowed from the ROYAL MARINES and take it a step fur­ther on our mis­sion of be­ing amaz­ing. Let’s em­brace the last week of Novem­ber.

Let’s em­brace be­ing the very best ver­sion of your­self.

Per mare, per Ter­ram (By Sea, by Land – Royal Marines Motto)

Happy Thurs­day, see you next week

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