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IWANT you in­spired. I want you mo­ti­vated. I want you in­ter­ested and then I want you COM­MIT­TED. You must know those words by now right?

All the words above cre­ate a hugely suc­cess­ful life.

Think of some­one who has achieved great­ness, do you think they were in­spired when they started their jour­ney?

Who is a some­one that you know that has achieved a high stan­dard of qual­ity of life?

Do you think they were and prob­a­bly are still mo­ti­vated?

How about think­ing of your role model in one area of your life? Do you think that per­son was highly com­mit­ted when they started be­ing amaz­ing?

All the words cre­ate great­ness and all the words will help you be­come in­tensely suc­cess­ful. I want you to end 2018 and start 2019 with those words in mind.

Well, it is the first week of De­cem­ber now and if you are read­ing this pa­per to­day on its re­lease which is a Thurs­day then there are ex­actly 19 sleeps till Christ­mas Day… Amaz­ing or what?

If you are like me then you will have prob­a­bly al­ready started the Christ­mas shop­ping, watched loads of Christ­mas films, woke up ex­cited ev­ery day and just count­ing the days down.

If you are not like me then that is no prob­lem at all, this is the beauty of life, we can all be who we want to be and do things the way we want to do them.

Ei­ther way, just make the best use of your time for the next few weeks be­cause if you have been read­ing this pa­per for some time es­pe­cially this col­umn then I see big things com­ing your way in 2019…



Well, back to the mini-se­ries on the

Royal Marines Com­man­dos, we start again this week by re­vis­it­ing the list and then fo­cus­ing on a few of the specifics for one of them. The list in­cludes:

The abil­ity to fight and win any­where in the world.

In­di­vid­ual Com­mando Spirit + Col­lec­tive Group Val­ues.








Pro­fes­sional Stan­dards


Com­mando hu­mour

Last week we talked about sev­eral of them and this week I want to fo­cus on just one of them…


Dur­ing my time in the Royal Marines and 100% since start­ing my cur­rent ca­reer as a Mind, Body and Life Coach; I have tried to set very high PRO­FES­SIONAL STAN­DARDS.

I be­lieve that stan­dards set the tone for how you wish to live your life and how you want your life to be seen by oth­ers. Let me ex­plain. If you ask any mil­i­tary per­son or any­one else that has worked specif­i­cally with a MA­RINE, then they will tell you that marines are WORK HARD, PLAY HARD.

We are loud, get the job done and do not have a prob­lem with rolling up our sleeves and get­ting dirty. It is in­grained in marines from the first week of train­ing. If you don’t like it then you won’t get your cov­eted green beret.

You won’t pass out as a Royal Ma­rine Com­mando with­out set­ting high stan­dards and I have found that set­ting high stan­dards in my cur­rent role has en­abled me to cre­ate the busi­ness that I am proud of.

My train­ing stu­dio is al­ways tidy, and I leave it as I wish to find it.

My equip­ment is al­ways checked, and safety is al­ways a chief con­cern.

I al­ways have tow­els avail­able for clients if they choose to get sweaty. Not all ses­sions are hard and fast, but I do be­lieve that keep­ing on top of your per­sonal sweat lev­els is im­por­tant.

I al­ways make sure the out­side of my unit is clean and the area nice and tidy.

The first thing my clients see is my unit at Space Busi­ness Cen­tre, so I want them to ar­rive and see the place means busi­ness which should also mean that they mean busi­ness too.

Per­son­ally, I like to look and feel great, so I al­ways make sure my uni­form is good and ready, I stick to my own train­ing pro­gramme so prac­tice what I preach and, I make sure I am al­ways on time un­less some­thing hap­pens out­side of my con­trol.

Now I am not per­fect – I am sure you are not ei­ther, but my stan­dards guide me and guide my busi­ness.

When a client turns up, they know the ses­sion is pre­pared for them, they know a mo­ti­vat­ing in­spired coach is wait­ing to get them go­ing and they know they are in the right place for pos­i­tive change and pos­i­tive im­pact.

What could you do to­day to have an im­pact on some­one? How could you op­er­ate to set your stan­dard higher this week? I want high stan­dards to be your fo­cus go­ing into 2019…Start high, fin­ish high and smash life.

I want you in­spired.

I want you mo­ti­vated.

I want you in­ter­ested and then I want you COM­MIT­TED.

Next week we will be even closer to Christ­mas, so I will be giv­ing you some AWE­SOME life hacks that you can use over the com­ing weeks to stay on the train of POS­I­TIVE CHANGE.

Be you, stay awe­some and have a great week.

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