By Ja­cob Coles, North­ern House School

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Chap­ter 10: Siege

WE SOON found a build­ing sur­rounded by guards and watch­tow­ers. “What do we do?” I asked. “Kestrel should take out the watch tow­ers with his steel feathers, then we can get closer,” De­cided Lila.

“Okay, let’s do it,” Said Kestrel ex­cit­edly.

So Kestrel shot his feathers at the watch­tow­ers killing or in­ca­pac­i­tat­ing the guards and we moved closer.

Then I had an idea, I saw what looked like a guard house. I fig­ured that be­cause of the amount of guards go­ing in and out, so I made a void­sphere and put way, way more en­ergy than nor­mal in it and threw it.

On con­tact with the build­ing it ex­ploded com­pletely de­stroy­ing the guard house. “What the hell are you do­ing?” hissed Lila.

“I made a di­ver­sion so we could get in­side.” I ex­plained.

“But now they know some­one’s at­tack­ing,” In­formed Kestrel.

“Oh I didn’t think of that,” I said feel­ing a bit stupid, “any­way let’s go while the guards are dis­tracted.”

So off we went through one of the doors, we found our­selves in a maze of cor­ri­dors with lit­tle to no idea where to go.

“If we can’t find our way through the cor­ri­dors why not get rid of them?” I suggested.

“Okay, un­less any­one else has a bet­ter idea?” agreed Lila with a sigh.

I made an­other void-sphere and melted the walls as we headed to­wards the cen­tre.

As we were run­ning we heard screams.

So with­out even stop­ping for con­ver­sa­tion we headed to­wards them then as the dust cleared from melt­ing the fi­nal wall, we saw peo­ple in chains work­ing in what looked like mines.

“I just re­alised where we are,” said Lila, “it’s an Alo­nian slave camp, ter­ri­ble peo­ple the Alo­ni­ans are. They work as as­sas­sins for hire or slave driv­ers.”

“So what are we go­ing to do?” I asked.

“We kill them,” or­dered Lila in a rare mo­ment of rage. Some­thing told me that Lila had dealt with them be­fore.

So we came up with a plan, Kestrel would cap­ture a guard for ques­tion­ing later while me and Lila kill the guards and free the slaves.

I watched as Kestrel hid in one of the mines many tun­nels and when a guard walked past he grabbed them. “Kestrel’s cap­tured the guard.” I whis­pered to Lila.

Sud­denly a new guard ran from one of the ad­ja­cent cor­ri­dors scream­ing “We’re un­der at­tack!”

“Our cov­ers blown, so just at­tack,” Or­dered Lila. So we charged, I drew my sword and plunged it into the first guard’s chest and as I pulled it out it made sick­en­ing crack­ing noise.

And I re­alised my blade was drip­ping with void-en­ergy and it was melt­ing the guards body.

Chap­ter 11: Trans­for­ma­tion

THEN the pain started, an ag­o­nis­ing burn­ing in ev­ery inch of my be­ing.

Then Lila no­ticed and shouted to Kestrel, “Cover Mark he’s trans­form­ing to his de­monic state.” In­stantly Kestrel flew over and started shoot­ing the guards. “You okay?” he asked.

“It hurts.” I growled. Soon a mas­sive black void-sphere grew around me. Then af­ter what Kestrel later said was about ten min­utes, the void-sphere dis­solved.

“Lila, come make Mark a ce­les­tial mir­ror,” Shouted Kestrel.

So Lila made a mir­ror of ce­les­tial en­ergy and I in­stantly no­ticed that I looked very dif­fer­ent than from be­fore.

The whites of my eyes were black and my eyes were red in­stead of green and my pupils had turned to sl­its like a snake, my black hair had red and pur­ple streaks, my ca­nines were much longer and sharper and I had wings like a bats.

“Whoa.” I said to my­self shocked at the change.

“I’ve never seen a de­mon that looks like you be­fore,” Noted Lila, “I would say a winged rep­til­ian but the wings are dif­fer­ent,” once again I had no idea what Lila was talk­ing about.

Sud­denly we heard loud boom­ing foot­steps from one of the nearby cor­ri­dors, “What’s that?” I asked.

“Don’t know,” said Kestrel bluntly. Soon we could see a per­son walk­ing out from the shad­ows. “Who are you?” ques­tioned Lila.

“I am Zy­ius, and who might you be?” the per­son said in a deep rum­bling voice. “My name is Lila,” In­formed Lila re­luc­tantly. Then Zy­ius stepped out of the shad­ows. He was tall but fat, very fat and cov­ered from head to toe in bright green ar­mour; his brown beady eyes watched us from be­hind the safety of his hel­met.

“Why have you dis­turbed my op­er­a­tion, I was go­ing to make mil­lions of rines that’s our cur­rency to you half­breed,” Said Zy­ius as he stared at me.

“Your so called op­er­a­tion is vile treat­ment of peo­ple, mak­ing them work as slaves for you.” hissed Lila.

“What are we go­ing to do?” I whis­pered to Lila.

“We fight!” replied Lila. So we charged and as we were about to reach him he grabbed a mas­sive bat­tle-axe from his back and slammed it into the ground cre­at­ing a vi­o­lent earth quake that shook the ground and sent us fly­ing.

“He can con­trol the earth so be care­ful.” In­formed Lila, so off we went this time we sur­rounded him and at­tacked from dif­fer­ent di­rec­tions. Zy­ius made an­other earth­quake in Lila and Kestrel’s di­rec­tion and while he was dis­tracted I made a void-sphere and threw it at him. It melted a hole in the back of his ar­mour.

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