Af­ter Hu­man­ity

A short story by James Lo­max, cur­rently un­der­tak­ing his Duke of Ed­in­burgh bronze award. Part 11 of 12

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Brace your­self! Car­los has been whisked out of his home by the Gor­gon and a cou­ple oth­ers to free their planet from hu­man rule. He’s sided with them, and now has the ti­tanic task of cre­at­ing the best and most suc­cess­ful peace­ful and non-vi­o­lent protest. Poor stupid Gor­gons. When will they learn?

CAR­LOS was dumb­struck. Sure, he knew about S.T.A.R.’s best tac­tics, but he could see the Gor­gons had no chance. Well, that’s not true. Car­los knew of one fac­tor that could lead to vic­tory, but he needed Carl­son, and who knows where he went. In the mean­time, it seemed Car­los needed to con­coct some­thing fast, be­fore the en­forcers got to the mines.

He spent the next few hours deep in thought while scouts over the rim of the crater kept look­out.

It was ob­vi­ous there was some­thing out there com­ing to­wards them, prob­a­bly on wheels, be­cause the vi­bra­tions could be felt ev­ery­where. A few large boul­ders fell off the rim and Gor­gons scat­tered ev­ery­where get­ting away.

He re­mem­bered his war days, where Car­los and an­other en­forcer called Abe had used a large lever to top­ple boul­ders in the path of march­ing Frost armies in the bot­tom of canyons. That was where he got his first idea for the plan. His next idea came when he looked at the huge XVX me­te­orite, and won­dered how dan­ger­ous it would be to live near some­thing so ex­plo­sive.

Grad­u­ally, a plan started to form, although Car­los knew it was way too late.

The thing on wheels (A giant van) was al­ready in the crater, driv­ing down to­wards him. Gor­gons started at­tack­ing it, but it was un­de­terred, and got to Car­los with­out even a scratch on its grey plat­ing. He braced for the worst, but the driver stepped out, and it was Carl­son.

Yes­ter­day, when Car­los knew it was a mat­ter of time be­fore he was dis­cov­ered, he had whis­pered quickly to the an­droid. What he whis­pered was ac­tu­ally the pass­word to the weapons vault. Car­los had no idea how he would get to the weapons in prison, but it was on the spot, and he was pan­ick­ing.

What hap­pened next, as Carl­son ex­plained, was the an­droid steal­ing a stor­age van and driv­ing it over to the vault,

in which he took four mo­torised tur­rets, 10 shield-ri­fles and 40 pis­tols.

It wasn’t much, but it was des­per­ately needed, and Car­los was grate­ful to his friend, who had used his ex­tremely clever me­chan­i­cal brain to cor­rectly guess what was hap­pen­ing.

Now he knew he had more time, Car­los set to work. He or­dered the min­ers to start cut­ting out large chunks of XVX, and the brutes to grab as many boul­ders as they could carry. He turned to his Gor­gon to ask more about his par­ents.

“Very well then.” It looked like it was about to talk in depth, but then de­cided to say, rather cryp­ti­cally, “X-45owl9, some­where on it. You’ll find out more if this suc­ceeds.”

It then ran away be­fore Car­los could ask more.

By the af­ter­noon, every­one was ready. Car­los and a squadron of ten took the shield-ri­fles and went off on the mo­torised tur­rets. Forty Gor­gons and ten brutes fol­lowed, but hid amongst the rocks.

Car­los and the elite team de­posited them­selves in the Red canyon, and sent their lo­ca­tion to The Black Hole, which could be seen in the sky.

A shut­tle flew off, and landed fur­ther down the canyon, where a lot of en­forcers could be seen com­ing out. This was not go­ing to be easy.

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